21 Sep 2009

Soundwave Merchandising Extends Social Web Presence for Business with Virtually Ready

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Soundwave Merchandising - Specializing in Band Touring Merch & Webstores

Soundwave Merchandising - Specializing in Band Touring Merch & Webstores

A couple of months ago, Virtually Ready announced our new partnership with Campus Customs, which offers custom imprinted apparel, promotional screen printing & embroidery to their customers.  Today, we are  introducing an extension to that partnership with Soundwave Merchandising, a division of Campus Customs.

Soundwave Merchandising is known for having “major company muscle with independent company thinking and accessibility”, especially in the music industry. The company specializes in band touring merchandise and on-line merchandise stores.  They also have complete festival, event, corporate and personal merchandise capabilities.

Their unique business model has been developed over the past several years by Ken Block of the band Sister Hazel and Joel Cobden of Campus Customs, and is known for being extremely artist-friendly, based on building long term, successful and profitable relationships.  “We have shaped an extraordinary and simple model that offers NO RISK for our customers and provides the highest quality products with impeccable service. Whether you are a platinum selling artist or a brand new band, we have a 35 person staff in place that will help your merchandise world become a smooth and reliable revenue stream.”

The company has maintained an existing presence on MySpace® for some time, but they wanted to freshen up the look of their profile and streamline their web branding even further with the recent addition of Facebook® and Twitter®.  Virtually Ready has designed new profiles for Soundwave on these three social networks and will also provide them with profile management solutions.  Please join us in welcoming Soundwave Merchandising to the social web for business!

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