05 Jun 2009

How Does Your Web Presence Represent Your Business?

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When new visitors arrive at an office or call on the phone, a Receptionist often makes the very first impression of the company they represent.  Are they too busy on the phone to greet you when you walk in the door or when you call or are you greeted with a pleasant smile and promptly attended to?

How is your online presence?Today, first impressions are also portrayed by your company website and your social networking profiles.

When people visit your website or profile, they often make an immediate decision as to whether or not they want to further explore what you have to offer.  Creating an inviting, seamless branding experience for your web presence that reflects your logo, color scheme, and description of who you are and what you do plays an important role in the visitor experience and validating they are indeed at the right place.

If your business is already utilizing the social web or is planning to begin, you’ll want to be certain that your company is represented in the same way that you would want your Receptionist to represent you.  No reputable business should ever place a bad attitude or sloppy appearance on display at the forefront of their company’s visibility.  The same goes for customer service, client relations, and your online web presence  – it should be nothing less than superior.  Having an experienced professional social web expert at the helm can provide a much smoother, more confident experience for you when visitors are interacting with your brand on the social web.

If your web presence isn’t representing your business the way you would like, perhaps it’s time to incorporate a web strategy to accomplish that goal right away.
Lisa Duhamel, Owner of Infused Web
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